Rubber maintenance

Your Aigle boots are made to last for years. And if you take care of them, they will serve you well.

The right things to do

Clean them regularly with clear, slightly soapy water using a sponge.

Dry them without exposing them to heat (no radiators or sun).

Use our cleaning product, Swipol, to treat the rubber every three months: spray and wipe with a lint-free cloth.

Store at room temperature (no heat, humidity or dryness).

Leather care

To look as beautiful as it does on day one, leather needs to be treated with the right products.
Follow the guide.

The right things to do:

Have the right equipment: colourless wax, a sponge, a clean cloth.

Remove mud or small amounts of dirt using a damp cloth. Suede shoes (nubuck, suede) should be brushed gently.

Then rub in a dab of wax with the sponge, using small circular movements.

Allow to dry and repeat every two months.