Equally alert to the clouds in the sky as to each second that goes by
Outward-facing and utterly free
Driven by our know-how, with our eyes set on the future.

Photographed by
Hans Neumann

Aigle by Études

The SS22 collection is the brainchild of Études – the brand’s new trio of artistic directors. Exploring the history of Aigle and its unique codes, it is an invitation to get in motion and call to travel. Innovation, technicity and style, to promise a summer of complete freedom. The collection begins with a retelling of iconic pieces that turns them into new classics. From trench coats to boots, Aigle’s essentials combine authenticity and creativity.

The lines have evolved, adapting to a new reality. In cities in the throes of transformation, they accompany and encourage our every move. Weather is no longer a factor, thanks to the technicity of the water-repellent materials or an MTD membrane.

Lukas wearing IS22MOUT20 (coming soon)
Nikki wearing WS22DR06PR (coming soon)
Nikki wearing WS22PAM18 (coming soon)
Lukas wearing IS22MOUT16 (coming soon)

For day-trippers and lifelong travellers alike, the air of free time inspires a look that is all about lightness. AIGLE, encouraging explorations, far and wide, since 1853.

Adele wearing WS22DR08PR
Nikki wearing WS22DR08