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PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds
PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds
PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds
PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds
PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds

Made in France anti-fatigue boots against the cold

PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds
Made in france
These boots have small visual defects (nothing bad) that do not alter their watertightness. Find out more

Made with natural rubber

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Our models are designed and made in France, so when you receive your product, the size shown will be a French size.

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PARCOURS® 2 ISO | Quality Seconds
Made in France anti-fatigue boots against the cold
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Made in France anti-fatigue boots against the cold

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Second choice

These boots are special and unique.

These boots are special and unique. Each boot has a very minor defect which is a sign of the manual production of the pieces. Tiny imperfections that make them unique and do not affect their quality in any way. These boots are distinctive and belong to you alone.

List of possible defects:

  • Minor interior blister
  • Graining/Roughness
  • Stretching
  • Crooked logo
  • Mark on the sole
  • Pollution
  • Sole unstuck
  • Roughness on the shank
The technical benefits of this product
  • Strong grip

    The sole's composition is designed to provide optimum grip and be longlasting: ideal for slippery surfaces and soft ground.
  • Insulating

    These boots are ideal for winter, with a technical lining made of neoprene foam that retains heat and insulates from the cold in temperatures down to -20 degrees.
  • Anti-fatigue

    This tri-density sole ensures maximum comfort. It has a progressive cushioning rubber insert, a stabilising midsole and a 360° gripping sole inspired by a chamois mountain goat hoof. Legs gets less tired and wearers of this model can walk for miles without feeling the strain.
Other benefits...
  • Self-cleaning lugging

    There's nothing trivial about the design of the sole grip. On this model, it has been specifically designed to easily repel soil and pebbles as you walk.
  • Totally waterproof

    The boot is made from natural rubber to ensure it is totally waterproof. Not a single pair slips through the cracks: every pair of boots produced is tested for watertightness! The boot is filled with air and then immersed in water. If no bubbles appear, it fulfills its purpose and is ready for you to wear.

Made in Aigle.

Made in France

Handmade in Vienne Factory.

From top to bottom, these boots are made entirely in France, in the country's only natural rubber boot factory. This commitment to their place of manufacture helps preserve unique expertise.
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In detail

One boot = 60 stages

  • Expertise

    It takes 2 years of training for bootmakers to master each stage of the manufacturing process.

  • Water resistance

    Each pair is immersed in water several times to check that no drops pass through.

  • Sturdiness

    These boots are made to last many years.

With its tri-density rubber sole and shock-absorbing cushion, the Parcours 2 boot has been offering exceptional comfort since 2012, allowing you to walk further without getting tired
Designed for professionals and those who work on the land, these rugged technical boots are suitable for professional and long-term use.
Waterproof, adjustable gusset.
Comfortable, insulated lining and insole.
Shock-absorbent, abrasion-resistant, lugged outsole provides stability.

Ref: O0077

Upper: Mainly ® natural rubber.

Outsole: Tri-density rubber sole.

Aigle positive impact

Made with natural rubber
This product is made in France.
A boot requires an average of 60 production stages and undergoes demanding quality tests to ensure it is waterproof. To find out more about how it is made, click here
- Wash the boots in clear or mild soapy water after each use (Neutral pH).

- Wipe the boots using a lint-free cloth.

- A few times a year, or more often if you wear your boots daily, apply a squirt of Swipol to treat the rubber and allow it to regain its original appearance.

- After cleaning your boots, keep them in the dark in an upright position away from any sources of heat.

- Use a colourless shoe sponge to clean and polish your shoes and boots.