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How to Choose the Best Winter Coat for Kids

Keeping the small people in your life warm and dry can make winters less of a headache and a whole lot of fun. Good winter clothes for kids are essential to stop you all from being cooped up in the house when the bad weather comes to town. With a well-made kid's waterproof coat, a good pair of boots, and a sense of adventure you can get out into the hills, coast, forest, and the city streets without any stress. From puddle jumping to wild and windy walks, nature spotting, and snow days, winter is a wonderful time to teach your little one's lessons about the art of exploration and embracing the elements. Aigle's line of kids coats and jackets are a joy. Choose from hooded parkas or children's lined waterproof padded coats, trenches, or a bright rainjacket to make your one smile. French designed and full of joie de vivre, these coats are classic good vibes.

What to Look for When Picking A Hardy Winter Jacket

From parka to trench and puffer, there's so much choice when it comes to which style of cold weather jacket will suit your child the best. Whichever style you select, you need to make sure that your choice has the same few things in common. Not only do you want a coat your child feels great in, but you also need to make sure that the fit is comfortable, the features are hardy enough to stand up to the elements, and there's plenty of fun to be hard when it comes to colour and joy.

A Sense of Flair

The kind of coat you choose for your child should really depend on what they love to do and where you live. If you live in exposed areas (like the coast and the countryside), you may need to invest in a winter coat that is fully waterproof and windproof and ever ready to stand up to the harshest elements. For city-dwelling kids or older tweens, you could opt for children's water-resistant coats like a kids trench coat or a trendy jacket that blends both style and substance. Anything you choose for younger children should be hard-wearing and dynamic enough to support all kinds of outdoor messy play.

The Right Fit

Fit is incredibly important when picking any kind of garment, but as small people are ever-evolving, you want to pick a coat that is a comfortable fit while still providing a little space for growth. When trying on the coat for size, make sure that the sleeve cuffs sit comfortably at the wrist. Cuffs that are too long can get wet or damp easier. You also may want to find a coat that doesn't ride up too high around the waist as this could let in the cold. There should be ample space for shoulder movement too as children are more likely to raise their arms high during active play.

Fabulous Features

The right features can make all the difference when it comes to choosing a coat you love for your child. Some features to watch for include making sure that the coat is properly waterproof and windproof. Extra insulation can also be a bonus point - whether this is quilted coats made from padded down or parkas with lined hoods and shearling or faux fur on the inside. You want your child to be snug as a bug when wrapped up against the winter. Adjustable cuffs are another bonus and a sturdy easy to use zipper can encourage better dexterity in younger children. We all know that small kids are little magpies when it comes to the world, so coats with deep pockets can keep safe all those treasures plucked from the trail. Don't forget to consider the option of a hood - a hooded parka can be an excellent choice for those days when you are out and about without a hat and the weather starts to take a turn.

High Levels of Fun

You want to choose a winter jacket that brings your child high levels of joy. If they love their coat, they are more likely to feel excited about the prospect of wearing it and getting into the glorious outdoors. Many children love clothes that come with high levels of colour. Look for child-friendly rain proof unisex coats in shades of sunshine yellow, vibrant orange, pretty pastel pink, and blue.

Choose the right cold-weather outerwear for your young ones and you can show them that the winter world is nothing to shy away from. Winter can be an amazing time for hibernating beside the fire, sipping hot chocolate and reading books. But for small intrepid souls, it can also be an incredible opportunity for mud drenched hikes, snowball fights, and immersing your family in the splendour of a winter wonderland.

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