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Ultra-comfortable rubber clogs

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Ultra-comfortable rubber clogs

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Ultra-comfortable rubber clogs

The Benefits of Men's Ankle Boots

Also known as a Chelsea boot, men's ankle boots are cut shorter than the average boot - staying true to their name and sitting at around ankle height. These boots often have a slip on and off style and a more professional edge than other boots. They are a timeless classic and can be paired with just about anything in your wardrobe. For men who want their ankle boots to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, Aigle boots are your answer. Comfortable in rubber and with all the waterproof features you need to hit the city, these boots are designed with all the French finesse you need.

Chelsea boots actually date back to the late 1800s although they boomed to the height of their popularity in the swinging sixties. Cool, clipped, and completely rock and roll, these boots captured the energy and attitude of a subculture in bloom. That's one of the best things about choosing the Chelsea boot - it encourages you to be authentically you and to colour outside the lines when it comes to style.

You can usually find ankle boots in leather, suede, or rubber. Leather and suede may be more formal versions but they won't have the same weatherproof allure as rubber. Rubber can be dressed up and leather can be dressed down, the most important thing is to find a shoe that will last without needing too much TLC. In terms of picking your colour, stick to something neutral like black or brown or olive if you want to lean towards a more outdoor look. Another fine feature of the ankle boot is the easy remove tab and the elastic side panel that makes them stand out as the iconic boot they are.

How to Style Them

Men's ankle rain boots aren't just for when the weather turns, they can be worn for a multitude of occasions. Ankle boots are snappy, stylish, and can look street-ready or well-turned-out depending on what you wear them with. Knowing how to style these shoes for a wide range of occasions will help you to get the best from your Chelsea style boots. Here are some hints on how to style your Chelsea boots.

Casual City Boy

You can wear your ankle boots in casual fashion by pairing them with jeans, a white tee, and a fleece throw over or a plaid shirt. If jeans aren't your thing, you can swap them out for a looser style of chino to keep the silhouette balanced. While suede and men's leather ankle boots have a more formal air, the rubber style can straddle the line and look a lot more casual - along with being a much more practical choice for grizzly city weather days.

Office Attire

As mentioned, Chelsea boots are a lot more flexible than any other kind of boot. You can rock them in the city after hours at the club or you can wear them when stomping coast and country. You can also wear them to the office. If you pick a pair of subtle black or brown heritage style ankle boots there is no reason why they won't look sleek and subdued when paired with more formal attire. Just make sure you pick a suit and boot that has a steady match of colours and pick a semi-formal coat or tailored parka as your outerwear.

Hiking High

For the guy who loves the great outdoors, the ankle boot makes for a great all-season shoe. While the harsher winters may call for a taller boot for squelching through mud, a good waterproof pair of men's ankle walking boots will carry you through 3-4 seasons and do it in style. You can wear these with long trousers, shorts, a casual tee, long-sleeved layers, pullovers, and whatever will keep you snug and warm or cool and fresh in your outdoor arena.

Date Night Dream

If you are off to meet someone and want to make a great first impression, the ankle boot won't let you down. Pair your continental shoe with a pair of corduroy trousers or chinos and a classic check for a casual night of live music and laughter. If you are heading out to a more formal date night affair, the all in black look brightened by a statement parka or puffer and a street easy throw over bag will showcase your urban edge and bring a laid-back feel to any stuffiness.

At Aigle, we have been crafting boots since 1853. Designed in France, our range of rubber clogs, snappy ankle boots, and waterproof wellies fuse French style with heritage and modern technology. Each boot goes through a stringent set of tests to ensure it meets the highest waterproof standards. With anti-fatigue features and an emphasis on facing the elements, these boots will carry you through many seasons of style to come.

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