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The Best Men's Hiking Shoes

Whether heading out on the trail or trekking through the coast, city, or countryside - a good pair of walking boots can make the world of difference. For anyone who loves the great outdoors and derives pleasure from immersing themselves in nature, a good pair of hiking shoes will change the game. Waterproof, windproof, light, and with a solid rugged sole, slip a pair of these on your feet and you can head out in comfort and style. At Aigle, our range of trainers and adventure shoes are inspired by the rising mountains, the hidden paths, and the lesser trodden road. From men's gore-tex shoes for those hardier hikes to light and easy canvas shoes for leisure and pleasure, each shoe has been designed with elemental French style, breathable linings, and water-repellent or waterproof features to keep your feet cool and dry for as long as your legs are pumping.

How to Dress for a Hike

Wearing the right clothes when you head out on a hike can keep you comfortable no matter how far you have to go. Breathable layers, waterproof elements, good socks, and a great pair of men's eco-friendly walking and leisure shoes will put you on the path to success. Of course, the season and style of hiking will also make a difference when it comes to piecing together an outdoor outfit that makes sense. Here's our easy go-to guide for dressing for a hike.

Walking Shoes or Boots

If you are heading out on a serious hike, then you may need to look for a sturdier boot with added ankle support. Good sole traction, breathable waterproof materials (like gore-tex), and a comfortable great fit are all paramount for a perfect walking boot experience. For those who are walkers who don't tend to scale epic heights, a good pair of hiking shoes that are water-repellant and come with a rugged sole will also work.

Wool Socks

Never underestimate the importance of a good pair of socks. Steer clear from basic cotton socks as these may absorb water and make your feet damp and sweaty which can lead to blisters and discomfort. A decent pair of hiking socks are best made from wool. Wool is a breathabale material that helps to regulate temperature meaning that your feet will stay warm and snug when you need them too and will also wick away moisture when they get hot. Wool is also thick and comfy and can help provide a barrier against your boots rubbing.

Lightweight Rain Jacket

A lightweight waterproof jacket is a must on any kind of hike. Pack something super breathable and waterproof that you can use as your top layer. You want to keep it light if possible so that you can pack it away in your bag or tie it around your waist without too much issue. Look for something that is windproof and ever ready for any element that could blow your way during your hike.

Quick Dry Pants

Choose a pair of quick dry pants for your hike and you will be thankful when the sky cracks open. You want to pick something of a practical length to avoid scrapes and bites. You also want to look for a material and fit that is fully comfortable. The serious walker or hiker can opt for hiking pants that can be zipped down into shorts for a full season experience.


On the top half of your body, you want to look towards layers. A shirt can make for a great layer or even a base layer especially if you choose one in a comfortable material. Look for a shit with wicking properties (like merino wool or a wicking synthetic material). This will help you to regulate temperature on your walk rather than getting sweaty and chilly.

A Fleece

A fleece layer is another good option for walkers wanting to stay warm. Lightweight, easy to take on and off, and able to be a layer beneath your raincoat or stand alone, the fleece jacket is a must-have for any walker heading out in colder or changeable weather. Look for a fleece with zip pockets so you can safely stash your small belongings without worrying about dropping them along the trail. 

A Hat

Come rain or shine, a hat is always a must for any walker out there in the world. While we can spend hours choosing the right pair of men's hiking shoes, we sometimes overlook the simple importance of protecting our head. In the summer months, a hat will make sure that you reduce your risk of heatstroke while out on the trail. In the winter months, a hat will keep your head warm (and also protected from the winter sun which can be strong when you are up high).

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