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Men's Winter Coats: The Essential Guide

Winters in England can be blustery. Island life brings biting cold and plenty of damp and drizzle that can soak you to the bone. Rather than staying tucked up indoors, a good winter coat won't hem you in but will make sure that you get out into the elements in a carefree cosy style. Winter coats are always one of the biggest investments of the year but find a solid winter-proof coat and it can stay with you for many cold spell seasons to come. Aigle offers top of the line waterproof and breathable coats that come padded to the max with eco-friendly wadding. Legit the only coat you need to stay toasty no matter how harsh the conditions get. Here we take a look at all the things you need to know about picking the perfect winter outerwear...

Waterproof Wonders

One of the first things you want to check when deciding which winter coat to buy is whether or not it will keep the damp weather out. Men's waterproof winter coats are a must. You also want to check that the coat you are looking at is waterproof and not just water-resistant. Water-resistant fabric is tightly woven to create a natural barrier that's harder for water droplets to push through. Waterproof material on the other hand will be a complete barrier and won't let even a single drop through. If you can find a Gore-Tex® raincoat this is likely to be one of the top tier options for staying dry.

Intricate Insulation

Staying dry is half the battle to getting out in the great outdoors during the winter months, but keeping warm is another story. High winds, snow, and frost can all leave the air with plenty of bite but extra warm waterproof and windproof insulation will keep you trekking or exploring the city streets. Classic kinds of insulation include down which is touted as one of the best, although may not be the most ethical choice for certain people. Another option is synthetic or eco-friendly insulation which can be made with recycled polyester. This is a great choice for keeping you warm without the worry of causing damage to the planet. Shearling is another option for adding a little more warmth (and style) to your set-up.

Length and Style

A longer cut coat will keep you warmer in the winter months compared to something short. Puffer coats can be a perfect winter choice as they are loaded with padding but they also tend to be cut closer to the waist. For a men's hooded winter coat you can also look towards a parka. Parkas are an iconic choice and usually have a longer length which can keep more of your body dry. You can seek out eco-friendly padded parkas and look for gore-tex or other materials that tick all the boxes when it comes to being warm. You may also want to look for a winter coat style that allows for layering room - wearing a jumper, fleece, or sleeveless quilted jackets under your coat can bring extra warmth to your core.

Extra Features

There are lots of added features you can look for when it comes to picking a warm winter coat that won't let you down. Cuffs that can be adjusted with snap fastening will keep the wind from creeping in. Inner pockets offer plenty of practicality and a high lined collar will keep your neck warm.

The Most Popular Styles

There are different styles of winter coats and finding the kind that works for your wardrobe and also keeps you warm and dry is a personal decision. We take a look at some of the most popular kinds of winter coats to keep you cosy...

The Parka

When it comes to warm water repellent coats, the parka. A staple of style and one of the most popular winter coats for those who want a solid dose of protection. The parka often comes with an attached fur-lined hood and is stuffed with down or some other kind of warm material. Parkas can be a casual coat but can also be dressed up with the right accessories.

The Puffer

The puffer jacket is another great winter coat, especially for those who want to bundle up. Puffer jackets can be cropped at the waist or now it's not unusual to find long trench style puffer coats that go all the way down past your knees. These coats are also stuffed with down or an eco-friendly alternative and also come in both muted and bright shades.

The Overcoat

The overcoat is a more formal coat that tends to be favoured by those who opt for a business casual or dressy look. They are often made of wool which is warm but doesn't hold a lot of waterproof power. If you do pick an overcoat and want to stay a little drier, pick one made from fine wool so it has a better water barrier.

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