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Gore-Tex® high-top shoes with 360-degree toe cap

230.00$ BAKKE GTX

Gore-Tex® high-top shoes with 360-degree toe cap

230.00$ BAKKE GTX

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The canvas shoe for adventurers


+ colors

The canvas shoe for adventurers


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Women's Hiking Shoes: Out for a Walk

Whether heading out for a blustery coastal walk, a hillside scramble, an epic hike or a simple dog walk - you want shoes on your feet that will carry you far and keep you comfortable. Women's hiking shoes don't have to be all singing and all dancing, depending on what kind of walker you are, you can easily get away with a pair of waterproof and breathable shoes that will keep your soles cushioned and warm and ever ready to step into the great outdoors. At Aigle, we are all about encouraging people to embrace the elements. From cold-weather comfort to exceptional protection, our hiking boots, wellington boots, and outdoor clothes are designed to look good, feel good, and nurture your relationship with Mother Nature. Take a look at our guide to women's hiking shoes and tips for how to find the best footwear to head out into the wild.

What Kind of Walker are You?

Before you invest in a top of the line pair of hiking boots, it helps to know what kind of walker you are. This will help you to set a price point and a preference point for the kind of shoes that will help your feet. A day hiker or casual walker may need something a little lighter and less intense than a hiker who is heading out on multiple overnight stops and carrying a big backpack full of necessities. Depending on the kind of hiker you are you could opt for a pair of women's Goretex walking shoes, a lightweight pair of trail running shoes, or a beautiful pair of waterproof wellington boots.

Which Shoe is for You?

When picking your walking shoe, it helps to know the difference between each kind of hiking shoe. All kinds of walking shoes should share similar features but each kind will have its own structure and set of pros and cons.

Gore-Tex Walking Shoes

Gore-tex walking boots are one of the most popular styles of women's hiking shoes. For those who want to hit the trails, the hills, and everywhere in-between, these shoes are solid, waterproof, and wonderful. With a cushioned insole and excellent flexible grip, gore-tex walking shoes set the gold standard when it comes to inspiring adventures to those hard to reach places.

Canvas Walking Shoes

If you want a pair of women's eco-friendly walking and leisure shoes then you can look at canvas walking boots that are waterproof treated and come with a rugged sole. Lightweight, great for warmer weather, and with a breathable lining, these shoes are stylish and as you can find a pair made with recycled cotton by Aigle, with every step you take, you are helping to heal the planet.

The Waterproof Trainer

A sneaker or trainer may not get you up a mountain but this style of waterproof trainers or shoe is hugely versatile, highly fashionable, and can be a great option for the city dweller or traveler. Walking boots can be heavy to pack so for those who tend to be more nomadic, you want a shoe that will be comfortable for getting out into the great outdoors without weighing you down. A waterproof and breathable trainer will do just that.

The Wellington Boot

Wellington boots can be a great addition to your walking boot collection. While a wellington boot may not work for a multiday hike, a good pair of boots can be an ideal choice for coastal yomps, forest adventures, dog walks, city exploring, and any wet weather days where you feel like you want to keep your feet toasty and dry.

Features to Look For

Waterproof Material

The most important thing to look for when choosing your hiking shoes is to make sure that you choose shoes that are made from a strong waterproof material. Part of venturing into nature is the freedom to tackle the world whatever the weather and for those who want to walk in several different seasons, you want to keep your feet snug and dry. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can be a risk factor for blisters which will ruin your walk in an instant.

Rugged Sole

Whatever kind of walking shoe you choose - whether sneaker or boot, you want to make sure that your walking shoes come complete with a rugged sole. For those hitting trails, forests, coasts, or even the local park, a rugged sole will ensure that you stay on your feet and don't slip and slide whatever the weather.

Anti-Fatigue Features

For keen walkers, whether in a pair of women's tenere light shoes or a heavier wellington boot, you should double-check if your shoe comes complete with anti-fatigue features. What do anti-fatigue features look like? Think tri-density cushioned soles and shock absorbing cushions that offer as much protection as possible between you and whatever terrain you are exploring.

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