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How to Pick the Perfect Woman's Rain Jacket

From dancing through spring showers to battening the hatches come Fall storms, having a great rain jacket is a must for any woman's wardrobe. While winters are all about heavy coats, those in-between seasons may call for something a little lighter, easier to shrug on and off, but something that still keeps you snug and dry. Every woman needs at least one packable waterproof jacket for those changeable days or when heading out on a trip. Aigle has a whole host of wet weather wear essentials, from breathable waterproof macs to windbreakers and cropped fashion trends, these gems are designed in France, made to face the elements, and curated for comfort and style. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best rain jacket.

Lightweight Love

A good rain jacket should see you through certain seasons but probably won't hold up for winter if you live in a colder climate. There are many benefits to picking a lightweight rain jacket - it will be easier to pack when travelling, it can be rolled up and put in your bag when hiking, it can be used as a rainproof layer on warmer days, and there's absolutely no reason why your raincoat can't look great. Just because you pick a lighter thinner jacket doesn't mean that you shouldn't look for something rugged and hardwearing. A hardshell or Gore-Tex® mid-length jacket can still be light without letting you down.

Features you Need

Don't be tempted into buying the cheapest raincoat you can find, you still want it to have some staying power. Look for features that make your jacket stand out. You want a windproof, waterproof, breathable jacket that will dry fast. Features that add breathability to your jacket include mesh-lined pockets, ventilation zips, and coats with a waterproof membrane. Adjustable cuffs and an adjustable hem will also help to create a snug fit and can add an extra layer of protection against leaks and wind creeping in. Inner pockets may also be a good choice as if you get caught in the storm you don't have to worry about your cell phone and other valuables getting damp. Finally, a jacket or trenchcoat with a detachable hood can also give you the option of covering your head in a shower.

Finding Style

Raincoats can be a stunning addition to your wardrobe and don't have to mean forgoing fashion. You can look for a tan rain jacket with a classic trench style fit that looks stunning and feminine when cinched at the waist and worn for days running errands in the city. You can also opt for a splash of color and look for block shades like a yellow rain jacket or red rain jacket for that seaside look that looks bright and blustery when paired with a good pair of waterproof boots. Active adventurers can look for a parka style lightweight coat coat or go for a cropped waterproof unisex jacket.

As rain jackets can also be a statement of English style, you can also play around with moss or green colors that work as a callback to the countryside.

How to Wear

Once you have the right fit, features, and style it's all about how you pull it all together. Knowing how to wear a raincoat with grownup pizzazz is all part of the plan for looking good and staying dry. If you decide to play around with color when it comes to your coat, consider pairing it with neutral layers beneath - white, jet black and flashes of denim keep it all balanced. Chillier days invite you to layer up when it comes to raincoat style - turtle necks, fleeces, plaid shirts and a neutral colored scarf can all be a great way of building up your look.

Adding Footwear

From hiking boots to ankle snappers and tall wellington boots for splashing through the puddles, you can find the right footwear to pair with your woman's rain jacket. City dwellers can rock a sophisticated look of Chelsea style rain boots that skim the ankles or stylish streetwear sneakers. This will look great when tucked into jeans or paired with a skirt or dress and a trench style rain jacket. For those who are looking to embrace the great outdoors on dog walks, coastal stomps, and days spent in the elements - you can look to knee-high rain boots with a rugged sole and a more active outdoor jacket that will keep you dry and snug and out of the way of any whipping wind.

A rain jacket is always an investment piece and if you find the right versatile style it can be an essential part of your wardrobe that won't let you down. Don't let this fashion piece become an afterthought as it can tie together your whole wardrobe and be a gorgeous go-to when the weather isn't playing ball.

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