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For little feet, a good pair of waterproof boots can make all the difference when it comes to a fun-filled walk or a wet and miserable day. All parents will know just how important it is to have a good pair of children's wellington boots. Rugged, bold, and with comfort carved into every seam - this is what you want from a great pair of children's seasonal shoes. At Aigle, we have been in the business of dressing feet for all kinds of weather since 1853. All our footwear is designed in France and goes through a series of rigorous checks to make sure they are as waterproof as possible.

Spring is all about puddle jumping and even summers call for seaside strolls and rock pool hopping. Autumn is for crunching golden leaves beneath the feet, and winter calls for snow days and sledging. A solid pair of children' s wellington boots can carry you through all four seasons. Knowing how to pick the best rain boots for children also means knowing what to swerve. Here we take a look at what to look for and what to dodge when choosing children and toddler boots.

What to Watch for When Buying Kids Boots

The importance of a good pair of weatherproof footwear can't be underestimated. Whatever the weather, children love to get outside, pump their legs, and get deliriously muddy. From playgrounds to puddles, beaches to backyards, a good pair of boots can carry them far. Celebrating your children's love of the great outdoors and that innocent adventurous spirit can truly be a rewarding time. Picking the right footwear - whether it's kids Chelsea boots, tall wellies, or snow shoes are essential to nurturing their relationship with the natural world. Here are some things you may want to avoid when picking their shoes this season...

Choosing Fashion First

Kids love to stomp around with flashes of sunshine yellow, ruby red, and bright blue on their feet. Colourful, crazy, and patterned boots are bound to make a big impression on small people picking out their shoes. But style shouldn't be the first port of call when it comes to picking shoes for your kids. One of the most important elements of choosing children's shoes is to make sure that you choose comfort first. Look for durability, soft insides, and strong waterproof rubber that doesn't rub. That's not to say that colour and fun shouldn't play a part in picking boots. Sure, you can pick up great kid’s black boots, but Aigle also has a range of lollypop splashed shades and unique patterns that blend style with substance - even for tiny feet.

Too Many Buckles and Straps

We all know that children like to flex their independence and there's nothing more frustrating than a pair of kid’s winter boots that take a team of people to put them on. While straps, laces, and buckles may be important to kids walking boots, a pair or wellington boots or ankle boots are best pulled on and off without the fuss. Slip-on boots that are designed to withstand rain and snow are bound to minimize frustration and keep the narrative focused on fun adventures.

Not Doing Due Diligence on Sizing

Make sure you find children's wellington boots and ankle boots that are finely fitted. If the boots are too small, they can rub and lead to tears whereas too large can lead to slips and trips. Always check the brand size and measure your children's feet so you can be sure of a great fit. You may want to sneak up sizes a little if half sizes aren't available to make room for cosy winter socks.

Not Going Full Weatherproof

There can be a difference between waterproof and weatherproof when it comes to clothing and children sized wellington boots. Waterproof boots are of course essential, and this should be the first thing you look for when selecting shoes. But you also want to look for boots that have similar features to kids hiking boots - such as plenty of traction on the sole. If you want to look for boots that have added warmth for winter walks, you can also find fur-lined boots to keep toes cosy no matter how cold it is outside.

Cutting Corners

Kids grow fast and it may be tempting to cut corners when it comes to cost or durability with children's wellington boots. But little feet need all the support they can get, especially when it comes to sole support, walking, and exploring. By choosing the best well-made wellies you can find, you are giving your little one a running start. Don't forget, winters with poor footwear can be very long.

With the brightest range of colours, a perfect sense of play, and a passion for getting your children outdoors and into nature, at Aigle, we have spent 40 years inspiring adventures both big and small.

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