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Men's Fishing Boots

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Made in france
  • Waterproof

Versatile fishing waders

250.00$ TRUITE

Made in france
  • Waterproof

Versatile fishing waders

250.00$ TRUITE

As masters of rubber, at Aigle have been designing boots since 1853. With anti-fatigue features, exceptional craftsmanship, and a born in France style that never goes out of fashion, these are heritage boots made to last - no matter how deep you take them. From hunting to fishing, we have the perfect boot to carry you.

How to Find the Best Men's Fishing Boots

Step into your favorite sport with the best rubber fishing boots you can find. Whether casually casting your line or out to score big, fishing boots are an essential part of gear for those guys who embrace the great outdoors. Finding the right kind of boots can be a lot to think about even for the most experienced angler. But with these quick tips and easy go-to guidance, you can find your catch of the day.

Which type of waders do I need?

Waders and fishing boots grant you the freedom to cast your line in places that you wouldn't have been able to access with a lesser shoe. There are different kinds of fishing boots and waders - some reach all the way up to the thigh and others slip over the ankles for shallow water support. Which style of wader you want depends on your style of fishing. Serious fishers may want waders that go all the way to the chest - these will require suspenders and can be heavy duty. Professional seamen and fishers can look for thigh-high boots with reinforcements and a non-slip sole to take the ocean spray in their stride.

For those who are more casual fishers, men's seaside boots or standard knee-high will be sufficient to see you through. A knee-high boot will get you into the shallow surf or basin edge and can also pass as a daywear boot for other activities like walking, gardening, or any other time when you need a waterproof shoe. For those who want a lightweight boot that can carry them from the riverbanks or seaside to the urban sprawl - ankle fishing boots can be a truly versatile choice.

Which is the best material for fishing boots?

One of the most important aspects of fishing boots is to choose the right material. You need a solid waterproof shoe that won't let in even a drop. With fishing boots, you spend a lot of time submerged in water which means you want the strongest material possible that won't give in, degrade, or leak. The best material for waterproof fishing boots is natural rubber. You want the composition of the shoe to be watertight, breathable, and windproof too.

You also want to look for a non-slip rugged sole that will help you keep your grip even when the tides are pulling and the surf crashing. From slick pebbles to rocks, oceans, rivers, and lakes can be treacherous which is why you need a sole you can fully rely on. Those who fish throughout the winter may also want to look for lined or insulated boots that will keep your toes tight and toasty even when wading through the coldest waters.

Which is the best fit?

The right fitting boots are always important but even more so when standing in water. Too tight and you won't find the stance comfortable, too loose and you risk letting water in. You also want to consider that if you fish in colder waters, you may need to make room for a thicker sock to add even more insulation against the elements.

Does style matter?

Just because you need functional waterproof fishing boots doesn't mean you need to forgo men's fashion. Fishing boots can still look good and if you pick the right pair - you can wear them both in and out the water with ease. Depending on whether you are wearing for a profession or sport fun, you can pick seaside boots that come in classic black or a burst of bright yellow with nautical hints. Waders always look good in black and olive and brown are also classic colors to choose from. If going for a lower cut boot you may want to seek out something in a neutral color scheme so you can wear them for a whole range of occasions.

How to care for your boots

Keeping your boots cleaned and cared for will ensure that they stay good for years to come. Clean off dirt and debris after use and leave to dry naturally. If the inside of your boots get damp or wet, you can stuff them with newspaper to help soak up the excess. You should make sure that your fishing boots are drained and dry before you store them to avoid any bacterial growth.

Ever embracing the elements, at Aigle we are inspired by those who immerse themselves in the wilder world. From exploring deep forests to strolling alongside crashing surf, digging fingers into the earth, hunting, fishing and everything in-between - these are the moments that make us.

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