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What You Want in a Women's Parka Coat

The ultimate winter coat, the parka carries with it a long history of being made to stand against the elements. Whether you want extra warmth or a lofty lightweight parka, Aigle's range for women can keep you dry all day long. Calling on passion, heritage, and heart when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor clothes, Aigle is committed to keeping women connected to their sense of style and adventure without suffering cold or consequences.

This style of jacket kickstarted life in the land of ice and furious winds. First created in the Arctic winter, Caribou Inuit would craft a similar style of overcoat out of sealskin and wear it as protection against the bitter winds and plummeting temperatures.

Fast forward and the same style of jacket was cut and tailored in London for the RAF. Thus, the perfect parka was born. Since then, this kind of waterproof coat has become a style icon in its own right. Designed to keep the heat in and to shut out the cold, these coats not only make for the perfect winter wear but also elevate your cold-weather wardrobe and keep you cosy. Aigle's parka and winter coat range will keep you calm and cosy even when the storms are raging. From slim fit style to one-of-a-kind upcycled editions, and arctic winter angles, these coats are inspired, impenetrable, and can be worn with everything.

What Makes a Great Parka?

While parkas have never fallen from grace, these great coats are awesome for when you want to stay dry. Cut to fall between the waist and the knee, fleeced or lightweight, and slim fitted or urban style, these coats are an outwear style staple. When picking the perfect parka, you want to look for a coat that ticks all the boxes in terms of features, fashion, and even a hint of versatility to see you through the shoulder seasons. Here's what to look for when finding a parka.

Seasonal Sturdiness

Fashion matters but function is truly essential when choosing a coat to keep you snug and warm all winter. The aim of the slick and sturdy parka is to face the elements without flinching. A good parka coat should be windproof, waterproof, and breathable - ready to keep you warm and dry whether you are tackling a mountain or making a wet weather dash across the city. While parkas are the perfect choice of coat for kicking the cold, you can also choose a more lightweight parka coat if you prefer to invest in an all-year jacket and layer up.

Style Icon

A timeless winter coat shouldn't make you feel bundled up in a bad way. You want to invest in a women's waterproof parka coat that still stays within the lines of elegance or urban edge. Fortunately, the parka has come a long way from its seal skin days and now, these coats have a more tailored, silhouette flattering fit. You may also want to think about colour - a black parka coat or grey or navy parka coat will go with just about everything in your wardrobe. A grey parka coat is also less likely to show up traces of the great outdoors if you tend to live a life of mud and magic. A women's red parka coat or something in a solid shade quickly becomes a statement piece. If you are craving that classic parka look - the women's khaki parka coat is always timeless and looks great when paired with winter boots.

Material Girl

From glorious Gore-Tex® to patented modern tech fabric, material and composition matter when picking a parka that will keep you well protected. Gore-Tex is one of the best materials for waterproof coats. Not only is Gore-Tex wind and waterproof but it's also beautifully breathable meaning that you don't get sweaty or feel hemmed in. Look for parkas that come with added insulation like Primaloft wadding. You want your jacket's interior fit to bursting with an added lightweight and warm layer that won't let you down.

Full Feature

When finding your classic coat to stay by your side for seasons, don't overlook the details. Details make all the difference when it comes to warmth, durability, and those often-forgotten features that make a garment stand out. A detachable hood for example will help your parka transform from a depths of winter design to a softer autumn or spring throw over. Adjustable cuffs that pull tighter will stop the wind from creeping up under your skin, and as we all know - the more pockets and stash spots the freer we can feel when we leave bulky bags and purses behind.

Blending touches of French street couture while standing up to the elements, Aigle parkas make a positive impact on everything you do. Go anywhere and be anything with Aigle on your side.

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