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How to Style a Women's Puffy Coat

Embrace puff power with the women's puffy coat. Making the style grade this season, puffy jackets are proving to be a must-have for your winter wardrobe. Warm, snug, and excellent at keeping those winter winds and showers at bay, the puffer jacket is a seasonal investment that is sure to withstand the test of time. At Aigle, our French-designed puffer jackets deliver a water repellent material, down insulation, and a snuggly quilted style to ensure that you can standoff against the elements without flinching. Pick from long puffy coats for full winter coverage or cropped jackets for darting around the city. With a range of colours from block primary shades to classic women's black puffy coats, you can pick the perfect puff for your wardrobe.

The Puffer - A Statement Piece

For those who want a statement fashion piece that doesn't let them down, the puffy jacket can take the place of those tired and more traditional winter coats. The puff jacket seems to occupy a space that is edgier, cooler, and brings the bulky look back in style. There's a lot to love about women's puffy winter coats. They are often oversized, super warm, padded with all kinds of down, and feel like snuggling up in a sleeping bag. They are also here to make more of personal style and pops of colour. Knowing how to wear your puff piece is all part of perfecting the style. We take a look at the best ways to rock those puffy coats.

Stylized Silhouettes

Just like the name suggests, puffy coats are all about being big and beautiful. This means that you can get the best look by balancing your silhouettes when picking what to wear. Contrasting silhouettes are a great way of pulling your puffer style together. Pair oversized women's puffy trenchcoats with slim trousers, leggings, jumpers and boots. If you have a wider leg going on when it comes to your trousers, then you can look for a puffy jacket with a cropped style or cinch your longer jacket in at the waist.

Pop with Color

One of the things we love about women's puffy winter coats is the fact that you can go all out when it comes to colour. While gore-tex mid-length jackets and women's waterproof warm parkas are best chosen in classic black, navy or olive styles, you can go all out when it comes to the puff. Pick shades of vibrant orange, red, white, or even yellow depending on your personal preference or go all out and opt for a patterned print. The best thing about the puffy coat is the fact that they are statement pieces and anything goes. That's not the say the classic black puffer doesn't have its place. The black puff is the perfect winter coat for when you want a jacket that will fit with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Max Out

The maxi puffy coat is the ultimate winter wear choice. Pick a longer version of the puffer coat (one that falls all the way down to the shins). The best colour for the maxi puff is black as it can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe, from evening wear to street style, office wear, and that casual daytime look too. The maxi puffer also looks excellent when given the rock and roll treatment and being paired with vintage aesthetics like leather pants and oversized band tees.

Crop Top

The cropped puffer jacket is a joy for any Spring or Autumn wardrobe. This is where you can go all out in terms of colour. A cropped puffer is an official street party piece and looks great when paired with high rise jeans and a turtleneck or bright fleece underneath. If you want to go for that chic apres-ski look you can pick a white cropped puffy jacket and pair it with white jeans, a white sweater, and black waterproof boots for a vibe that oozes sophistication and Alpine chic. The cropped puff jacket also looks awesome when worn with short skirts, bare legs and boots too.

Patterned Power

There's a motto that comes with the puffer jacket fashion that says go big or go home. For those who truly want to make a splash with their puffy coat, pick one that has a pattern. Camo print, modern lines, block colours, and two tones, will all help you to stand out from the crowd and look well and truly fabulous in every single way. When opting for an explosive pattern or colour, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and sassy to bring balance.

Puffy coats are fabulous fun and the perfect winter wear for fashionistas who also want to get out and about. They look awesome when worn in the city but can also suit country get up too. Choose a puffer that also brings the power of being warm and water resilient and you have a cool coat that can keep the winter blues well and truly away.

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